8 Question To Ask Before Finalising Web Design


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Your website is like a window for your business where your customers can have a sneak peek at your business. It should represent your mission, your values, and your identity. The best of the web designers will always consider all these aspects before pitching a final website design to you but you should be asking these to yourself and the designer too before finalising your website design. In this blog, 5ine Web Solutions, Web Design and Development Company in Bangalore will prepare you for asking some important questions before finalising your website design

Does the designer fit your vibe?

It is the first question you should be asking yourself before hiring a website designer. Different companies have different styles and vibes. When picking a website designer, you should be making sure to check their portfolio. Check their previous work to have an idea about what they can deliver to you

Does the website design serve what you need it for?

It is very important that your website design speaks about your brand and serve what it is made for. If you are making a fashion website for your business, you should look if the website looks fashionable or not and will the customer be able to easily scroll through and get engaged. The structure of the design matters too. It should be reflecting what you do

Is the typography style correct?

Typography is a significant part of visual design. You should enquire whether the text style of the typeface family fits the comprehensive view venture. You should enquire where the typography is just there because it looks good or it fits the idea behind your brand’s website

Do the Pictures and Videos fit your ideas?

After you are done enquiring about the typography style. The next thing is pictures and videos. Pictures and Videos take the most of the space on the website dispensing upon your brand or business. So making sure the pictures, video and graphic are not only relatable but is deeply connected to your business is very important. If you get doubts ask your designer to try something different.

Is The Design User friendly?

User experience is a very critical part of website design. A user-friendly and intuitive website design ensures that visitors can navigate through your website easily and find whatever information they need. Consider the layout, menu, structure and navigation elements. A seamless user experience will keep visitors engaged and will encourage them to explore further.

Is the loading speed good?

The world is fast-paced. The attention span of the customers is very less. Users have really little to no patience. They hated slow-paced websites. Speed becomes a really crucial factor affecting user experience and rankings on search engines. Make sure the designer is focusing on optimizing the loading time of the website. A website with less loading time keeps visitors engaged and reduces bounce rates.

Does the design include effective calls-to-action 

You make a website for sales or get leads so obviously CTAs are the most essential part of website design. CTAs guide visitors towards the action you want them to take on your website. You should look carefully if your website design incorporates strategically placed CTAs. It should encourage visitors to take the next step, be it signing up, buying a service or filing a simple contact us form. An effective CTA improves conversion, Make sure with the designer that it is effective. Apart from being known as a website designer, 5ine is also one of the best SEO company Bangalore. For every website we design, we make sure that the call to action is planned strategically so that businesses are able to turn visitors into leads or customers.

Can the website design accommodate future growth and scalability?

Consider the future growth of your business while designing your website , and ask the designer whether the design is flexible enough to accommodate some additional features or changes. It is very important to choose the right that can be upscaled easily. Asking this simple question will save you time and resources in future

These are very simple 7 questions but very important to ask your designer before finalising the website design. You can have more questions which you think should be asked and it should be clear before the work on the website starts. 5ine Web Solutions is the best web design development company bangalore. We have worked with numerous numbers of clients all over the world and made sure that we answer all their questions before even delivering the website.


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